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Flying with the guys of British Royal Air Force

We are proud to have been chosen by the staff of the Force Development Training Centre Crickhowell to work with their instructors in two paragliding courses for the guys if the British Royal Air Force (RAF).

During the last two weeks, we have been helping them to run two paragliding courses for beginners here at Algodonales, south of Spain.

A total of twenty eight students, all military, have achieved to complete their training program in a few days; the weather has been very good during the first nine days or so, and a bit wet for a couple of days at the end, but not so bad to break the plans, and they have flown every day.

Good weather was what the RAF’s guys were looking for when they contacted us, because in UK it is almost an impossible mission to complete two consecutive weeks of paragliding courses in november.

Well, they did it… and not only they enjoyed the good weather but also the nice food and a few night parties!







Oops!… We did it again!




Two weeks ago, We thought that the weather was excellent for paragliding here at Algodonales (Spain), despite to be in november: 22ºC, flying in shorts… our pilots had a lot of fun, and the students made 11 high flights, some of them in smooth lift… not bad for an Elementary Pilot course!


We couldn’t believe that the following week was to be better!!… the temperature dropped, but it was still sunny every single day and the North, North-east wind made possible that we could fly at Montellano and Ronda la Vieja (our private flying site, perfect for beginners).


We broke our personal record for an Elementary Pilot course:18 high flights for each student, more than 2 accumulated hours flying in dynamic lift, 3 top landings,… wow! we couldn’t believe it, but it is the result of our new training system; we work with a small group of students (3-4) which means that we can spend more time in each one and they can make more flights.

We tested this: one morning we made three rounds of flights at the same time than other schools made one and a half. Maths.

But in our opinion, the key thing are the dual tandem flights with the instructors: the students can learn very quickly, but very well at the same time.


After a few tandem flights, they are ready for solo flights. For the rest of the pilots in the group, a big smile on their red skin face at the end of the week, specially for Andre, who flew more than 22 hours in two weeks… in late november.







España, Andalucia, Algodonales….Have become places well known by paragliding

pilots from all over Europe (and I almost now dare to say from a large part of the world!)

I cant really say what has made our part of the world such a great place to paraglide,

but I would imagine that it is a combination of good climate, good mountains, good food

and drink and good people. Which is what has made it so attractive for pilots to come

for a paragliding based holiday. As of today thousands of pilots have visited and keep

visiting our flying sites.

To answer this demand, here at Zero Gravity, we decided to set up Paragliding Spain,

with the aim to offer paragliding courses, guiding services and guided holidays for

paragliding pilots, focusing 100 percent on foreign people.

We wanted to make it as International friendly as possible with the aim of making our

flying centre accessible to more people. So our school joined and became members of

various International paragliding federations and associations, and we invested in our

accommodation facilities and adapted our course plans to be able to offer Intensive

courses for International pilots of all levels…and we started….

Paraglinind International Flyin Center Algodonales Spain

To be honest when we started to advertise to a wider market, we never imagined that

we would become an International paragliding school. We have had students and pilots

for almost every European Country, and of course people also came from further afield

including, Australians, Canadians, two from Egypt, one Hindu, one Jamaican and one

from Japan! …..Each time from further afield!

One of our most recent groups, a perfect example as we had 10 different nationalities!

I don’t have to say how Interesting it can be sharing a week with a group like

that…because a paragliding holiday isn’t just about the flying, because so many other

moments are shared, talked about, learned. It’s almost like a type of multicultural

tourism. If you add to that how we Spanish like to show people from other Countries

our culture and land, it’s not hard to see why we really do enjoy our work so much.

Costa de la Luz: discover a magic paragliding site at southern Spain

Paragliding Spain Costa de la Luz

“La Costa de la Luz” (Coast of the light) is located at southern Spain, between the National Park of Doñana and the border of Portugal. It is still an area almost virgin, without big buildings or busy beaches; just the sea, the sand and the pines… and may be a few fisher men on the beach.
Here there is a twenty kilometers long sand dune where paragliding pilots can find one of the best flying sites in Europe: the sea breeze makes a magic air conditions for soaring; it is a perfect place to learn to fly paragliding, for tandem flights or just for funny “wagas”.
Although this beach is a bit far from Algodonales (the famous paragliding spot at southern Spain), many times the groups of pilots who are spending their paragliding holidays over there come to here, looking for a coast flight or running away of the bad weather when a cold front comes.


XC paraglidng trip to Spain with Flybubble

Flybubble Spain 2013

As every autum, our friends of the paragliding school Flybubble came back to Algodonales to extend the flying season.

We have been cooperating with them for some years and we make a good team together.

They offer a high quality paragliding trips in different countries, and We organize all they need to achieve a nice holidays for the PG pilots here at southern Spain.

Our staff worked hard to get them flying as much as possible: They flew almost every day of the two weeks. Two groups of 10 pilots each one enjoyed lots of great flying from different sites, some medium distance XCs flights and a fabulous weather.

Most of the time it was sunny blue skies with daytime temperatures around 28C. We lost only a couple of days due to bad weather (too windy), and we spent that time visiting some beatiful villages like Setenil or Ronda, discovering the Cave La Pileta, with Palaeolithic period paintings in, or just tasting the spanish tapas.

Many thanks to Carlo and Nancy for trusting us again to arrange this trip.

We offer the full guiding service with accommodation for paragliding Schools, PG Clubs or just a group of pilots which are looking for a nice paragliding holidays in the best place of Europe. More info here

Please, watch the video:




The Hottest Paragliding Course in Spain!


Open-sky-pilot-paragliding-course-spainWe started the new season in our Paragliding Centre at Algodonales (Spain) for a week of paragliding lessons in a 40 degrees of heat… it has been the hottest days in this spanish summer, but We had a great week: The students had a good mix of big flights in the morning from the top of Sierra de Lijar (600 m), enjoyed the pool or a “siesta” mid afternoon and then an evening flight at El Bosque (300 m).

In this Elementary Pilot Course, We had a group of seven paragliding students from Norway, Ireland, EEUU and Spain, looking for the perfect weather for paragliding… and they found it… well, quite warm, may be.

Next winter, some of the students will come back to our paragliding school to do the Club Pilot Course (Para Pro Stage 3).

If you are interested in any of our beginner paraglidng courses in Spain, just drop us a line in the contact form.